Those Shoes

Oh no, pretty momma, what you gonna do in those shoes.

— Those Shoes, Eagles

Cinderella started it!

I know! I know!

I have an obsession with shoes. I’m sure it’s because shoes always fit no matter what, unlike my clothes that go up and down with every size in between.

I’m pretty sure it’s a psychological issue from my childhood (no blame to my wonderful single mother); however, how many black pairs of shoes does one person need? or white? or yellow? or red? Or heels? Sandals? Pumps?








Shoes in apartment in Reston, Virginia


Shoes in house in Dallas



This doesn’t even count my winter boots.

I read the The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing about the Kon Mari methodAnd, I’ve looked at every single pair of shoes I own, held them in my hands, and I can truly say that they all spark joy.




Life in the Fast Lane

And it was life in the fast lane. Surely make you lose your mind – Life in the fast lane. Life in the fast lane. Everything all the time – Life in the fast lane.

Life in the Fast Lane, The Eagles

Do you ever feel like your life is out of control? I know that sometimes when I wake up, I have to consciously remember exactly where I am. Is it Dallas? or D.C.? or Denver? or Greensboro? or San Francisco?

Another problem with being in so many different places is that I’m never sure where my favorite skirt, shirt, or shoes are at any given time.  Could be Dallas or could be D.C.

Hopefully, soon my life will be slowing down to a manageable pace, and thankfully, this week I was in D.C. the entire time.

Here’s what I wore to work this week.


Skirt: Le Suit; Shirt: Dolce Cabo: Shoes: Mango (purchased in Barcelona, Spain)



Skirt: Loft; Top: Express; Bag: Top Shop; Shoes: Steve Madden


Dress: Sandra Darren; Purse: Chanel Reissue 225; Shoes: Ivanka Trump


Suit: Le Suit; Shoes: Valentino RockStuds


Jeans: Joe’s Jeans; Top: Loft; Shoes: Steve Madden
(Photo credits to my dear colleagues, Leah Hall and Michael Yamoah!)

Up Next

Heading to Austin – Dripping Springs – for a wedding this weekend.

Photos to follow…