Indian Reservation


Took away our native tongue and taught their English to our young. And all the beads we made by hand are nowadays made in Japan.

¬†— Indian Reservation,¬†Paul Revere & the Raiders

I’m proud to be a Native American Indian. My tribe – the Poarch Bank of the Creek Indians – is the only federally recognized tribe in Alabama, and remained in and around Atmore, Alabama despite the Indian Removal Act of 1830 – the Trail of Tears.

Kimberly McGhee Long * Lisa McGhee Morris * Amy McGhee Ochs

What’s even more remarkable about the Poarch Creek Indians is that we have a woman as our leader, Chairwoman and CEO Stephanie Bryan, my cousin on the Presley side. (YES – that’s like in Elvis Presley!)

Kimberly McGhee Long * Stephanie Abney Bryan * Amy McGhee Ochs

Through gaming and wise economic development, the Poarch Creek Indians have thrived. My paternal grandmother, Earnie Mae Rolin McGhee Barney and great aunt, Ida Bell Rolin Brown, would be so proud of all the tribe has accomplished. They worked hard and did their part to get us to this point of prosperity.



Click on the link here or below, and check out this short video on the Poarch Creek Indians- it will give you chills.

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Poarch Creek Indians

mvto (pronounced: muh-toh; Muskogee Creek means thank you)