Hey Good Lookin’ … Whatcha got cookin?


Say, hey good lookin’ Whatcha got cookin’? How’s about cookin’ somethin’ up with me?

Hey Good Lookin’, Hank Williams

A cooking class is always a great thing to experience when you visit a foreign country. Once, we took a tapas class in Madrid, and this year on our trip to Paris, we took a pastries class at Le Cordon Bleu learning the art and chemistry of the croissant and brioche.

Our chef didn’t speak English, but thankfully, we had an English interpreter.DfAGWG+fQD2aIyFyqGBXPg

His croissants were perfection, down to the last very gram. And then there were our concoctions:

Each one of us in the class made 6 croissants, 6 chocolate rolls, 10 brioche rolls, a brioche loaf, and a brioche flower thing-a-ma-jig.  (I think I may have only come up with 5 croissants because my measurements weren’t exactly as precise as required – cutting those triangles wasn’t quite as easy as popping open a can of crescent rolls.)

Take these pastries and multiply by 3 …

It was way too much food for the three of us, but luckily, my friends from Bechtel, Marilyn and John, were in Paris at the same time so I gave them my creations.  We left the rest of the pastries in the Metro Station for the homeless people.

Bethany wants to come back next spring for a certification program – I think she was the teacher’s pet!

Bon Appetit!