Good Times!


Leave your cares behind, these are the good times … Our new state of mind, these are the good times.

— Good Times, Chic

What is it about graduations that give us such hope and purpose? Although it is an end, it is a beginning. It is the very definition of a milestone – where families come together to celebrate the accomplishments of people we love.

The Ochs Family: Scott, Amy, Suzanne, Bethany, Hannah, Chris, Sharon, and Neil

We welcome our 2018 graduate into adulthood…

I remember when I graduated from Grand Canyon College in the ’70s. As my GCC friends know, we had chapel every Monday and Wednesday back then. For our Senior Chapel, I created a slide show (a real slide show with slides, a slide projector and a cassette tape – this was long before PowerPoint or iMovie) using the song “Good Times” by Chic that was popular at the time. I had the timing down to a tee when I would advance each slide to specific words in the song. My personal picture went with the  “Clams on the half shells and roller skates, roller skates” line, and in the picture, I had on my classic pair of tennis shoe roller skates. (For Garland friends, I skated at 5th Wheel Skating Rink every Saturday night during 7th and 8th grade.)

Both my daughter, Mallory, and my nephew, Austin, graduated from Grand Canyon University – yes, even colleges can grow up into universities. And, they are both making their way sucessfully into adulthood with the education they received from this great insitutuion.

The funny thing for me is that my life work in Corporate Communications and Corporate Social Responsibility grew out of my love for storytelling that began in college with among other things that old Senior Chapel slide show. So always remember to follow your passion, it will take you on the ride of your life…

Good Times!