Time may change me, I can’t trace time.
Strange fascination, fascinating me.
Ah, changes are takin’ the place I’m goin’ to.
Pretty soon now you’re gonna get older.
Time may change me.
But I can’t trace time…

Changes, David Bowie

Well, it’s been a couple of months since my last blog post with a lot of changes taking place in my life. I’ll do a quick update so that I can get back into a better blog routine:


I’m in Dallas full-time now, and it’s such a relief to be home with family and friends.

When I moved to Northern Virginia 6.5 years ago, I brought 4 suitcases and a few pieces of furniture. Moving home, I needed a panel van and the entire back of my SUV to bring everything back. And, that’s after I gave away most of the furniture to friends in the area.


Before I left, we celebrated the company’s 120TH  anniversary. It was a month-long celebration where we  held 80 worldwide birthday parties, produced 20 project video vignettes, developed a weekly trivia history game, and created a new corporate overview video. I had the opportunity to visit a project site in Corpus Christi – an amazing work to see in progress.

I was actually able to “retire,” and I said I was “retiring from commuting.” During my time in Virginia, I made many great friends and memories that I will always cherish.

Taking a selfie with our Chairman and CEO.


After the weekend move, I started a new job the very next Monday. There is no rest for the weary, they say. I’m working downtown Dallas for the first time ever. Never would I have imagined working downtown, but it’s been exciting and a great learning experience. I’ve already been back to D.C. twice during the first month, and I’m headed to Kennedy Space Center in a couple of weeks – NASA is a very big customer. I’ve been orienting myself to a new company and out of my comfort zone, but growing – meeting new people, learning new programs, and customers. Overall, it’s been an extremely positive transition. What can I say – I love to work and keep busy.

More to come on the job, travel and experiences in this new position.


The renovation of our back porch is complete. We had a great contractor and things went very well with the changes. We love the results, and we still have a few tweaks to make. The investment in this new living space will be well worth it now and in the future.

From this:

To this:



Finally, my husband asked my son-in-law to play in the annual member-guest golf tournament at Dallas Athletic Club. They’ve played together in the past, but the most important part of the ask this year was that I got to see Mallory and my little Kennedy and Max. Now, I have two car seats here in Dallas for future visits.

Good thing, Scott and Zach came in first in their flight. I guess he better ask them to come again next year!

Being back in Dallas is much more convenient and closer to Denver. We’ll be up there during December to babysit, and while we’re there, we are planning a quick trip to Aspen to visit Chris and Suzanne in their new house.


I have some other things I’m working on to meet my 2018 personal goals. I’ll share those in upcoming blogs. Also, at the first of the new year, some exciting opportunities are in development and may come to fruition – more on that later.

These boots are made for walkin’

So a quick summary of September and October: lots of exciting ch-ch-ch-ch-changes.

Now, I can get back on a regular schedule with my blog since my life is getting back into a normal routine.