Brick House


Ow, she’s a brick house. Well put-together, everybody knows. This is how the story goes…

Brick House, The Commodores

An update on our renovation – we have brick, a new ceiling, and we’re getting very close…

There’s a story about this brick. When we bought our house, the lot next door was vacant and up for sale. There was this huge pile of old bricks that had been dumped at the back of the empty lot. Scott looked up the owner of the lot through the Dallas County Appraisal District. He called the guy to see if he would sell us the brick because it matched our house, and we knew we could use it for the new addition. But, the guy said “NO” that he didn’t want to sell the brick because he was going to use it to mix in with new brick when he builds the new house that will ultimately go on the empty lot. (All I can say is that I’m glad we live in a historic district, and there are all kinds of guidelines and permits needed for any new construction.)

Well, a couple of month’s later, the lot is sold. Then, a big dumpster shows up, and all the trash on the lot – including the bricks – starts being loaded into the dumpster. Scott calls the guy again, and now it seems the new owners of the lot don’t want to use this guy as their builder. So guess who gets the brick – for free?  Sometimes things do work out for good … mighty mighty … shake it down, shake it down now!

Our original brick with the old brick from our neighbor’s lot is a pretty good match.
Keeping to the style of the house down to the door knobs.

Next comes the polished concrete floors, trim around doors and floor, paint, and the installation of the electrical fixtures.  All in all, we’re making pretty good progress.