Oh yes, I am wise, but it’s wisdom born of pain. Yes, I’ve paid the price, but look how much I gained. If I have to, I can do anything. I am strong (Strong). I am invincible (Invincible). I am woman…

I Am Woman, Helen Reddy

I grew up in a home surrounded by women. I’m the eldest of three girls raised by a single mother who was very, very smart, but held back in her career because she didn’t have her degree. I promised myself growing up that I would never let anyone use that excuse against me.

I started working when I was 15 years old and haven’t stopped since. I went to college,  graduated, and paid off my student loans over the ten-year grace period.



Sisters: Lisa – the baby, Amy – the elder, and Kim – the typical middle wild child.

I had a daughter, and my daughter had a daughter (and a son), but this post is about girl power.



Mallory, KiKi, and CoCo

Over the years, I’ve had my fair share of #metoo and #timesup moments in my career, times when I’ve been disrespected, mansplained and/or totally ignored or bypassed. This is when resilience and grit come into play.

I pray that my daughter, granddaughter, nieces, female friends and colleagues won’t have to experience nor tolerate this same type of behavior in the modern workplace.

It’s a new day.

It’s a better day for women in the workplace.

Stay strong and invincible.


Skirt: Loft; Shirt: Express; Purse: Amazon; Shoes: Mango; Jewelry: Old Pawn Turquoise


IMG_3768Pants: Old Navy; Blazer: Alfani; Shirt: Ralph Lauren; Shoes: Vince Camuto; Purse: TopShop


Dress: Baukjen; Shoes: Zara; Purse: Teddy Blake


Dress: Lush; Shoes: Tory Burch; Purse: Celine



Skirt: Loft; Top: Belk; Shoes: Tory Burch; Jewelry: David Yurman




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